Sunday, November 11, 2012

National Night Out (still catching up on August)

August is a bit of a boring month.  There's no holidays or anything.  So I found this website that has a whole bunch of random holidays for each day of the year.  At work we thought we would celebrate one weird holiday each day in August, but that didn't happen.  Too much effort that I didn't really have the time or motivation to put in.  We did celebrate Root Beer Float Day (yum!) and a few others.  

But by far the best one was National Night Out!  How awesome is it that there is a whole night devoted to just going out and having fun?  A big group of people from my ward got together to go to Karaoke Night at Applebee's.  We had a lot of fun.  All the girls got up and sang "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls, and then I also sang by myself.  After, we all came home and hung out on the basketball court and just looked at the stars for a while.  I'm so grateful to have such good people to surround myself with and make life a lot better.

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