Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally an update! Washington DC!!!

Wow.... I've been terrible at updating my blog. We have dial up internet, so I can't really do much. So now I have good internet and some time, so here we go.

Washington D.C.

Oh my gosh! I really looooove that city! It is so amazing and there is so much to see. The best part is that most of it is free! yes! While me a Sadie were there, the first day we took pictures of the Washington Monument, and the USDA building (mom's boss. haha). We got into the city kinda late, so we didn't do much besides that and get some dinner. We didn't want to be out too much after dark cause my family scared me with all of the "most crime-ridden city in the country" stuff.

The next day we first went to Arlington Cemetery. Wow! That place is so neat! But I don't remember ever being so hot in my entire life!! While we were sitting there, watching the changing of the guards (sooooo cool!), I seriously thought I was going to melt into a puddle on the steps! But it was so worth it because I have never seen anything like that. It was amazing!

After Arlingotn, we went into the city and saw the Library of Congress, and part of the capital building. We also went to the White House, and while we were there we saw Sasha Obama and the dog playing in the front yard! We went to the National Archives, but the line was an hour and a half long, so we didn't stay, but we got pictures out front :)

We went to the American History museum, and I loved it! I could spend all day there! There was a cool exhibit with all of the first lady's inaugural ball gowns. The white dress is Michelle Obama's. Dorothy's ruby red slippers are also there, and a piece of the World Trade Center building after 9/11. There are so many cool little iconic items from American culture.

At this point we had been walking all day! We were so tired and sore, so we stopped at the World War 2 Memorial and put our feet in the water for a while. It was a really cool place, and I have never been so happy to see water in my life. haha.

We finally made it to the Lincoln Monument. It was bigger than I expected, and really cool. Lincoln was a stud! We sat on the steps and looked over the city for a while. Then we walked across the bridge to catch the metro to go back to our hotel. (We felt really grown-up, using the metro by ourselves. LOL) Our legs were in pain, but we had so much fun, and for a history buff-DC is like, the coolest place ever.

Sadie flew home the next morning and I headed into Virginia to start my job at Shenandoah. It is really beautiful and I am liking it so far.
I'll update again next week :)