Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm going to Virginia!

I decided to start a blog so that I can keep everyone updated on my big adventure! I heard about Shenandoah National Park in Virginia last summer when my Lake Powell employment application was forwarded to the park by Aramark (they hire for both places). Shenandoah called a week before school started last August and offered me a job. I couldn't take it obviously because I needed to start school. But they said they would keep me in mind for the next year if I was interested. Well....March rolled around and I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with my life when I graduated in a few weeks. I kept Shenandoah in mind all year because I knew it would be so amazing to be able to go somewhere and do something fun like that, but I never really expected it to work out.... well, it is working out, because I'm leaving to start my job on July 18th! The day after Lamb Day (which I would never miss, of course!) I'm taking a cross-country road trip to get there, and my sister Sadie is driving out with me so I don't have to drive 3000 miles by myself. We're going to spend a couple days in Washington DC before Sadie flies back home. I'm so excited about that....If I could go anywhere in the country, DC would be the place, and now I get to go there! Shenandoah is about an hour and a half away from DC, so I'll probably get to visit a lot. It's 4 hours from Philadelphia and 6 hours from New York City, so hopefully I'll get to see a few of those amazing places while I'm there. The job ends in November, so it's just a seasonal thing, but I think that it all works out really perfectly. I can go do this and have this great experience, then come home and go back to school in the spring to start working on getting my teaching license. I cannot wait for my big adventure! Only 18 days left :)